ACTivate HR is proud that Joely, Shannon and Krista all presented at the 2018 CPHR Annual Conference: HR Undefined.  As part of our ongoing commitment to ACTivate our professional community, we offered two sessions in the areas of Implementing Positive Change and Workplace Investigations.

On the morning of April 11, 2018, Krista presented at the first Professional Development session breakout:


Employees Resisting Change? Here’s Why

Participants were introduced to an innovative, strength-based approach to leading change.  This unique method identifies the strengths and values of the organization which have led to previous successes and uses them to build a plan for change.  The approach is highly collaborative and, because it is based on past successes, results in high engagement along with faster and more sustained results than traditional approaches.In contrast to viewing change as something to be managed, this strength-based method leads groups to see change positively and as an opportunity to replicate past successes and achievements.  This flexible approach is effective with small groups as well as for organization-wide initiatives.  It can be successfully utilized in a range of change initiatives from technology implementations to workplace culture change. As a versatile and practical methodology, it is a must-have for any HR practitioner’s toolkit.This session reviewed a recent case study where a strength-based approach was used to identify and plan the implementation of change initiatives to address engagement survey results.On the second day of the conference, April 12, Shannon and Joely co-presented during the afternoon power sessions:


When Good Workplace Investigations Go Bad

Conducting workplace investigations can be tricky and requires a certain skill set as well as a curious nature. Objective investigations with a credible investigator are crucial. If you get it wrong, there may be serious consequences for your organization including legal issues, morale impact and public relations nightmares (think CBC).Properly conducted investigations get to the heart of an issue in a way that maintains confidentiality and respects all employees involved. Participants will receive practical information, along with a guide to conducting an internal workplace investigation.  You will hear real-life experiences from professional investigators that are intended to help you avoid common pitfalls of investigations.This session informed and educated senior HR practitioners who are responsible for conducting internal workplace investigations.If you have you ever done a workplace investigation and something has gone wrong or if you need a new perspective on conducting workplace investigations, this session is for you.If you are interested in learning more about either of these topics and were not able to attend the sessions please feel free to contact us at info@activatehr.caBe sure to keep an eye out for other sessions we provide and don’t forget to follow us on Linked In.