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Workplace Investigations and HR Solutions

Organizational Culture

ACTivate a positive organizational culture through collaborative and proactive solutions

Workplace Investigations

ACTivate accurate findings and resolutions through experienced and impartial external investigators

Core Human Resources Consulting

ACTivate the success of your company and your people with a solid HR foundation

Strategic Human Resources Consulting

ACTivate your workplace potential and propel your business forward with customized HR solutions

Latest News

The Hidden Bully at Work

Many of us have been a target of Workplace Bullying, or at the very least have witnessed this occur to others. Click on the below presentation for some pointers on how to identify some of the subtler forms of bullying and how you can help to combat this from continuing

Symptoms of Mental Trauma You Need to Know Before it is Too Late.

If you are physically injured at work you recognize it. Most often, the injury is identified immediately after an unfortunate action, like slipping on the stairs and twisting an ankle or dropping a heavy object on your foot. The actions leading up to the injury are understood and the symptoms

CEOs, You’re Likely the Reason Your Culture Sucks

Your annual satisfaction survey results are in and once again the culture and engagement scores are dismal. What’s going on? You’ve brought in open work spaces, flexible working hours, even frozen yogurt Fridays! So, why are employees so dis-engaged? CEOs, it’s time to take a good, hard look at what

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