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Latest News

sexual harassment investigations

Surviving a Sexual Harassment Complaint in Your Company

So, it’s happened in your organization. A serious sexual harassment claim was made against a critical employee in your company. Now you’re left to deal with the stress, worry and emotion of the next steps. What you do next will seriously impact the culture and productivity of your company going

ACTivate HR Workplace Investigations and Hr Solutions Volunteers

ACTivating Our Community at Cargo Logistics Conference 2018

Krista McIntosh donates her time and expertise at the Cargo Logistics Canada 2018 Conference. This engagement is part of our ongoing commitment to ACTivate our community.  ACTivate HR specializes in workplace investigations and Human Resources Consulting and provides services to clients all across Alberta. As part of this community initiative,

The New Year’s Resolution that Leaders Who Have Amazing Culture Make

As we enter a new year, many of us reflect on all aspects of our lives and the previous year. Then, we often vow to make changes – whether we call them New Year’s resolutions, personal or professional goals or don’t label them at all. If you are a leader

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