We’re here to level up your business culture and productivity, which will inevitably lead to better profitability and cost reduction for your company. That’s an exciting prospect and a worthy investment.

Building a workplace community with trust and integrity is something everyone can support. Each of our services are tailored to meet your specific needs. You get appropriate human resources solutions and strategies designed with your business in mind.

Workplace Investigations

Every workplace investigation must be handled with discretion, respect and integrity. All ACTivate HR investigators are licensed with the Province of Alberta Solicitor General. Whether it’s in a union or non-union workplace, they are fully equipped to conduct investigations into:

Harassment and sexual harassment

Workplace violence


Workplace bullying

Process and policy violations

Legislative violations

Disrespectful culture issues

Human Rights

Other workplace issues

Every investigation is handled in a confidential, compassionate, objective, and fact-based manner. We interview all parties involved, carefully listening and detailing the information given in order to deliver a comprehensive report. If desired, we will also provide with appropriate recommendations for a resolution including ways to avoid similar issues or incidents in the future.

Let’s talk about how one of our licensed investigators can support you.

Human Resources Consulting

We cater to businesses of all sizes and to both union and non-union environments. Whether you need us to act as your HR team, want assistance with a particular HR concern, or you need a fully developed HR strategy to deploy, we have the expertise you need. 

Workplace culture assessments

Payroll assistance

HR audits, strategies and projects

Facilitated conversations and mediation

Leadership coaching

Compensation structures and benchmarking

HR policies and employee handbooks


Talent and Succession Planning

Get the clarity you need to move your business forward in the most effective way. We invite you talk with us in a complimentary consultation.

Leadership, Employee and Workplace Investigation Training

For training to be effective, it must take into account both the goals the organization is aiming to achieve as well as the culture and people in the organization. To achieve this, ACTivate HR works closely with our clients to customize our training to work with your unique environment, personalities and objectives.

Your company is only as strong as your people. We’re here to support their growth and yours.

Respectful Workplace

Leadership Essentials

Team Building and Creating Team Charters

Powerful Conversations

Strategic Leadership

Diversity, Inclusion and Unconscious Bias

Workplace Investigations

Labour Relations Fundamentals

Customized On-Demand Training

Take your team and your company to the next level. 

Workplace Rehabilitation

Workplace culture can take a hit for many reasons including interpersonal conflict, workplace investigations, significant change within the company and mergers or acquisitions. Our team of human resources professionals have the skillset to assess your culture and identify solutions to rehabilitate your culture.

Mediation and facilitated conversations

Team building

Integration of policies and programs

Confidential safe reporting service

Training for leaders

Change management

Performance improvement programs

Clarification of roles and expectations

Departmental or organization-wide culture assessments

Learn how to create the culture you want.